Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Some thumbs up.... and some thumbs down...

I've tried some new things and places lately.
And I've seen some new pictures on Facebook lately, too.

And I have opinions about them.

Like this one...
My daughter painted their front door a vibrant red!
I give that a big...
Oh yes.

My hairdresser moved away, so I needed to try someone new.
I went with the recommendation of my niece, Elizabeth,
who always has great taste,
and I tried out MOUTON'S SALON in Grapevine.

I give that another

It's a fancy-looking place, so I thought it would be expensive.  
Since I'm not coloring my hair I decided I could go to a fancy place just for a haircut. 
When I got ready to pay out,
I found out it was $5 less than my other hair place (for just a haircut),
PLUS I got half off because it was my first time,
and since I said Elizabeth recommended it,
they said the next time she goes there she'll get half off, too!

Thanks, Elizabeth!

Oh, and not only was the price right, I love my hair cut!!
(And I'm picky.)

On another topic,
I tried out the new WHOLE FOODS that's opened in Colleyville, on Hwy 26.

I'd been to WHOLE FOODS once before (in Dallas), but I wasn't shopping really,
I just had time to kill and just bought some coffee.

Well, today I was shopping.

It's a nice place.
I saw lots of with-it-looking people.

But I give...
Well, not a huge thumbs down...
But they didn't have Peter Pan Peanut Butter!!
Or Dorito doritos!!

I will probably go back when I want some fancy food,
but I must remember to dress spiffy and/or 'earthy'.

Oh, I did buy some of their homemade guacamole,
which I can't wait to try.
(I usually give guacamole a big thumbs up.)

 Lastly I went to KOHL'S the other day
and found a little pajama outfit for my 8 1/2 month-old granddaughter.

It had just the words I wanted to say to her....

Here's the other side...
I give it, and KOHL'S a 

Oh, and here's my granddaughter with her dad, my son... on their back porch...

I give them, the food, the porch, well, everything, a huge...

That's all for now.

I will soon post some thoughts about my upcoming Mission reunion... and how I WILL talk about my twin Peggy this time.  (I didn't even mention her name when I spoke a little about my life at the 40th reunion in 2010. Well, I thought if I did I would just start crying.   But I'm ready to say a bit about her... and honor her.    I mean, if she could be there, she would be the life of the party!)

AND I know she would give a thumbs up to tears... if the tears come.
Oh yeah.


laura said...

Just so you know, ryan did a lot of the painting too--most of the 6 coats.

sara [at] journey of doing said...

I like the red front door too! And great haircuts at great prices are also good things! (Especially when they extend that to other friends/family, too!) That outfit for Nell is pretty sweet.... of course, she's pretty sweet too, so they match! Andddd... Whole Foods... yep. Not my thing. I'll go to Central Market any day... but that's just me. :)

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