Monday, July 28, 2014

"The Party's Over"....

.... and my feet are up...


 .... and I'm loving reliving the party in my mind!!!
(The mind is a wonderful thing.)

I'm talking about our Mission High School Reunion - with many graduating classes - that was held at wonderful Joe T Garcia's in Fort Worth Saturday night!

I've posted a lot of pictures on Facebook, but in case you missed them, you'll get your chance to see some here.... with some commentary as well.

But where to start?

Well, I'll start here with this fuzzy picture-
- with the rays of evening-light shining through...
I will identify some of those great folks in later posts, but since I have lots of blog readers that are not from Mission, I want to talk about the non-Mission person in this picture... and her importance. She's second from the left, seated by her husband Bob Lankford (a former Missionite.)
She's Deanna Ogden Lankford and she is from Chattanooga, Oklahoma!!! 
(Most of you only know of a Tennessee Chattanooga. - and you've missed out.)
Chattanooga, OK (pop. 400) is a town in southwest OK that has the best people in the world living there (well, next to Mission, TX people).  They're heart-of-the-earth-type people (like Mission people.) 
How do I know that?   We lived there 4 years where Sam pastored the First Baptist Church.  Our daughter Laura was born (in Lawton) while we were there... and my twin sister died from cancer while we were there.    The support from that little church was what got me through some hard days - of her suffering - and then death.    And Missionite Bob Lankford and Deanna Ogden Lankford were married there.   And Bob, a Baptist minister, officiated at many funerals there.
When I found that out on Saturday night, well, I almost started screaming.  Who knew a Chatty girl (we call the town Chatty) would be at our Mission reunion!!!

(That reminds me of a song about a 'small world'.)

Well, I don't like long blog I will take more than one blog post to tell about wonderful Saturday, okay?

I will show you just 2 more pictures with their significance....  (though there are lots more pictures with lots of significance as well - for future posts).

Here's another picture with a non-Mission person, who is looking on adoringly as her Mission husband shares some memories (about Gus Zapata as I recall)...

That's Gregg and Virgie Holbrook.
Coming to Joe T's was perfect for them:
they had their wedding rehearsal dinner there 40 years ago!!!

(What a wonderful couple they make.)

Now here's another significant picture...
That's me and my former student, Janie Salinas Saldivar!
I taught her English in Mission Junior High School in 1974 -
when I was just 22!!
And we reunited Saturday night!!
(She's now an RN who works in the NICU (neo-natal intensive care unit (?))
at The Medical Center in Arlington.
Well, some of you Mission folks are dying for more photos with commentary...
but you'll have to stay tuned.

I have much to share...

... such as: there was one wonderful couple
who was celebrating 48 years of marriage that very night!

Stay tuned!!

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sara [at] journey of doing said...

You look great!! So happy!! I love that you were reunited with a former student! That's pretty awesome! I hope you had enough yummy food for me! Joe T's... mmmm!

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