Friday, July 18, 2014

The Summer of My Content

You may have heard of (or read) John Steinbeck's THE WINTER OF OUR DISCONTENT.
(He used a phrase in a Shakespeare play for that title.)

Well, after my impressing you with my knowledge (from Wikipedia), let me say that this particular summer (right now) can be called THE SUMMER OF MY CONTENT.


I've had my first summer with a grandchild.
I've had a fantastic beach vacation.
I've had my first summer in a very long time without colored hair that I couldn't get wet in a pool - so now I can go swimming, with my head and all.
And this's the best summer weather I've known in a while!!

AND there's this.... 
This past Monday my daughter and daughter-in-law and I went to the King Spa in Dallas.

They gave us clothes to wear... and three little towels each,
which we needed.
And they had good food to eat for lunch....

But the main things were the sauna rooms, and the water park area.
They had rooms that were hot - and super hot - and super cold -and one with lots of oxygen
and more.
(We went in about 5 or 6 different rooms.)
They were all serene experiences, except for the super hot room,
that I stayed in for maybe one minute.

Their water park area was not like Hurricane Harbor or NRH20 near here.
Well, it had a big slide and a flowing 'river'...
but the part I liked were the 'massage water gushing-things'.
I got my head massaged, my shoulders, and back, and calves of my legs, and feet.
(We brought our swimsuits for that.
And if you forget your swimsuit you can rent one.)

We got in with $19 vouchers (that we got off of 
and the only thing we paid for besides that was our lunch.

While I was there I kept thinking (and telling Laura)
that her cousin JOHN CARMACK needs to come to this place!!! 

Anyway, I will be going back for sure!

Oh, and next Saturday, July 26, I'm hosting a Mission,TX reunion in Fort Worth
- at Joe T. Garcia's Mexican Restaurant.
That should be FUN!!! (and delicious)
Click HERE and HERE for my blog posts about that -
with my email address and phone number.
(I need to know by this Sunday night if you can come---
because Monday morning I'm giving the people-count to the restaurant.)

Anyway, you can see why I'm liking this summer of 2014.

In closing, here's a picture I like....
That's my granddaughter in the yellow,
being held by my twin's oldest granddaughter in the purple.

Sweetness, huh?

1 comment:

laura said...

yes, that picture is so sweet!

and i can't wait to go back to king spa!

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