Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Who's coming...

... from MISSION?

In a week and a half from today (July 26, '14)  the Mission, TX reunion at Joe T. Garcia's Mexican Restaurant in Fort Worth will happen!!!
We will be meeting in the La Puertita - (the former) chapel - at 7 pm.

I need to know by Sunday night, July 20, if you are coming. 
If you're on the first list you do NOT need to let me know.
OTHERWISE......  let me know: either here (as a comment), or at - or call me or text me at 817-300-5484, by Sunday night!

Click HERE for more info....

ATTENTION: If you've let me know you're coming and you are not on this list, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!
(Some of these names have graduation years - some not.... I'm just copying and pasting what I have - and just so you know there will be more folks than just the mid-60's to mid-70's.
In fact, it can be ANYBODY from Mission!!! 

It will be a MISSION REUNION.....   And I'm excited.

Here's a list of who said they ARE coming!
(Many of these are bringing their spouses/partners, etc.... so I've counted MORE in number than what you see.)

Kathy Fennell Cranfill
Rosie Villegas Moreno and husband '71
Conrado Acevedo
Stephen Lankford and wife
Susie Schmidt Murphy ’67
Carolyn Williams
Bob Lankford and wife ’65
Judy Hunt Rudolph ’63 and Bill (Sharyland ’63)
Carol Eicher
Robert Cash
Aida Norma Ramirez
Marcelino Farias III
Cecil Albrecht
Gregg Holbrook
Janie Alaniz
Janie Saldivar and family
Sherry Souter Nusko
Bob Stables
Caroline Louise (Petty) Bartley-Schock
Marc Wood
Laurentina Diaz Goudeau and hubby
Mark Mills
Bobbie Placke Brodsgaard
Cynthia Souter Bradley '73
Nancy White Carmack '70  and husband

Here is a list of the 'maybes'....
These people need to move up to the COMING list!!!!
(Again, I'm thinking many will bring their spouses/partners.)

Archie Acevedo and friend
Cyndi Doty Aldrich
Myra Baker
Diana Corpus Garza
Laura Runnells Ballew
Bill Leidner
Arnoldo Becho
Dalia Garcia
Gary Bentsen
Joanne Kawamoto
Jose Munoz
Peggy Davey
Gracie Sandoval Parker
Virginia Mcfarlin
Scott Perryman
Kathy Wicks Hinojosa
Arturo Magallan
Linda Grant Newkirk
Sheri Albrecht Russell
David Morris and wife ’66

I'm serious about your inviting MORE folks!  IT IS NOT TOO LATE!!!  (but it will be by July 21)

(I like visual aids.)


Connie Fennell Lewis said...

I wish I could come. You guys will have an amazing time. Please post pix, and tell everyone hello.

Unknown said...

Put me on the list of "Wish I Could Be There."
Out of the country. I now you guys will have fun!!

Unknown said...

My husband's health is an issue and we are so sorry to not be able to attend. Wish I could be there. God bless you all.

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