Sunday, August 31, 2014

A lesson to myself...

A lady about my age came into the tea room yesterday by herself. Claudia asked her if she would like to sit at the table right in front of the piano.  (They put that table-for-two there a few weeks ago, and I really do not much like it right there... but not enough to insist they move it.)
Anyway, this lady said it would be fine to sit there - right in front of me, while I played.

Her expression was very negative, though.  She looked almost mad.
And I thought, "This lady is not happy. Maybe she's not happy with me, and my tunes."

Well, I played anyway, every once in a while looking to see if her expression mellowed.
It did not.
She looked like a grouch, a complete grouch.

I played on.... everything from "San Antonio Rose" to "You Make Me Feel So Young" to FROZEN's "Let It Go".  (I thought that might help her.)
Then it was time for me to leave (2:00).
She was still there, so I said something like, "Well, I hope you could hear yourself think while sitting so close to the piano."

She immediately looked up at me sharply, as if surprised, and then she smiled the biggest smile.
She then said, "Oh, I loved it.  And I particularly liked your playing 'Don't Fence Me In'.  It made me think of my dear dad.  Thank you so much.   I've had the best time sitting here. Really, I've had the absolute best time."

I had so misread her.
And I thought, "Everything is not about me."
"And expressions can be so misleading."

And I went home feeling exuberant.

So I had to tell you about that.

In closing here are some pictures I love from this past week ...

That's Uncle RyRy holding Nell in front of The Londoner Pub and Grill in Colleyville. 
We celebrated Will's 30th birthday there Wednesday night, Aug. 27.
It was a fun evening,
and inside it really felt like a pub in Great Britain.

In closing, here's a quote I like...
"Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important."  ~Janet Lane

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laura said...

good lesson! and good things you said something to her so you could have this great antidote.

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