Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Life is sweet... but sometimes very sad.

I had written this blog post with just the title "Life is sweet" ...
and then I found out about dear Robin Williams and his apparent suicide. 
How very tragic.
One movie I just loved him in is GOOD MORNING, VIETNAM.  
I'd even listed it as one of my favorite movies (of all time) in my blog profile. 

As I read about him this morning,
I found that many of his friends and fellow actors
called him a very sweet and kind man.

I believe that.

R.I.P Robin Williams.

But now we will switch gears,
and I will go on with my 'Life is sweet' post.

It IS sweet...
... with Nell-Belle and Bear...

... but I'm not ready for her to stand up yet....
That means she'll take off walking soon.
(I'm not ready.)

I got to babysit her Saturday night.
Her parents went to an Indian restaurant...
and let me see their food....
Bailey texted me that picture.
Speaking of Bailey, here she is before they ate...
I like how the light comes through the blinds on to her beautiful face.

Here's her husband earlier in the week helping Andrew and his siblings set up his birthday gift from Sam and me.  I thought it was a Lego set.... but it was a different brand.  ...
But Andrew was a dear; when he opened the present he said, "Awesome!" 
'Course I had to hug him.

Then we ate our taco supper.

Afterwards Caroline wanted to go upstairs and lie on the Murphy bed...
She had remembered her second cousins had slept on it last summer,
at our J. Earl White reunion.

So we went upstairs and got the bed out.

Anna was saying (yelling), "This is my favorite-ist bed ever - in the whole world!"

Then Anna wanted to help Uncle Sam put it back up.

I'm thinking I might have to have them come sleep on it someday/night.

Now that would be sweet fun.

In closing, here's a quote I like...

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