Friday, August 15, 2014

Precious Penny....

There have been a lot of hard times lately - for lots of folks that I know.
It seems everyday this week I have heard some bad news.

And then there's the world - and it's a world of bad news.

But there is goodness, too.
And hope.
And comfort.

And there's Precious Penny....

She's is having to wear hats and caps lately....
... for reasons you probably can figure out.

(My twin wore wigs, but they always made her head hot,
so I'm thinking caps and hats would have been preferable.)

Anyway, precious Penny is 'fighting' cancer.

AND she's taking care of her elderly mom in east Texas....
Penny put this on FB.  It's Penny's mom meeting her great-grandson.

Plus Penny is MOM to her granddaughter...

Plus Penny is promoting some good stuff on FB.....

Oh, did I tell you that Penny and her family
were some of the first members of Bear Valley Community Church in 1992?

And she eventually became the drama director there...
besides working with the youth, 
and just being an integral part of the church, period.

We do love Penny Holmes....
for so many reasons.

Pray for her, okay?
That her cancer would FLEE!

And read this post Penny put on Facebook August 8th- from Lysa TerKeurst...

Dear Lord, I am so grateful that You are bigger than my fears.
You are bigger than the anxious feelings that won't seem to subside.
You are with me (Isaiah 41:10.)
You are all-knowing and all-powerful.
Because I know all of this to be true, I will trust You and Your perfect plan.
I make the choice right now to reject the paralyzing feeling of fear
so I can walk confidently in the truth of Your assurance.
Calm my thoughts, Father,
and give me Your peace in this moment.

In Jesus' Name, Amen.

I'm glad I got to share Penny with you, if you don't know her.

And if you do know her,
you know she's precious.

And she needs our prayers.

Thank you.


Laura said...

Thanks for sharing!

Gayle Kuhn said...

Yes PLEASE pray she has been one of my best friends since 1977.

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