Saturday, August 2, 2014

Some bad news, and some good news....

No, this is not a good news/bad news joke.

It is no joke at all.
This past month my dear friend, whom I call 'Sis', got dealt a terrible blow.
She found out she has stage 4 cancer.
Last Tuesday she started her first day of chemotherapy - and it was a 6 hour ordeal.

There was a time that folks got Trish and me mixed up.
And I was (am) so complimented by that.

Here we were a few years ago...
This picture was taken in May of '08.

She worked in the tea room, where I play the piano.
Often folks would ask her when she was going to start playing.
I think her answer was something like, "No, I'm the worker, Nancy is the play-er."

Here we were together at Valerie and Nadir Cal's wedding......
( in June of '09)
Please pray for her.
Thank you.

Here's Valerie and Nadir (also known as Antonio) that day in June '09....

And now they have a son.... which is my good news.....
That's soon after he was born.
Isn't he adorable?

I think Xander is about a month old now.

Here he is with his grandparents, whom many of you know....
Did you know they're from Belize?
Ah, and did you know that Mario is back at LoneStar Antiques?!
(I miss the rest of his family.)

Anyway, that is my very bad news/very good news for today.
Please pray for Trish.
Her full name is Trish Hitchcock-Tepfer.

Here she is with her husband Gary, who also needs our prayers.

Thanks for praying.

I'm a firm believer in prayer.

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Unknown said...

Praying for Trish and Gary--and you.

I need to chuckle...

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