Friday, August 8, 2014

SuSu and I ...

One of my dearest friends (sister-types) in the world and I had brunch together Wednesday.

We go way back....

 That's us on the music team at Bear Valley Church in the mid '90s.  I'm wearing a red corsage because it was (must have been) Mother's Day.   Some of you will recognize those other people. I feel close to all of them.... even Clark on the far right.   (He played background music at my parents' 50th wedding anniversary in 1998.)

Anyway, here's Susan Wednesday, with her daughter Molly ...
Sweet ladies.

Anyway, Susan and I had a good visit...
and it was way overdue. 

This has been one tough year for that family.

During Thanksgiving weekend last year Susan's father-in-law suddenly died.

Then in April Susan's mother suddenly died.

None of that has helped Susan's serious health issues, which are many.

Did I tell you her last name is Prather?
That's my mother's mother's maiden name... we must be related.
Well, anyway her husband Keith and I must be related.

Oh and Keith used to be best-best friends
with my childhood friend's little brother.
That would be Mark Morris.
He and Keith got well acquainted in Dallas.
Now Mark is back in our hometown - MISSION,TX!-
teaching high school art, I believe.

Here are Susan and Keith back in 2012....
Talk about fun people.

Did I tell you they have a granddaughter....
That's Jesse with her at a park - in Colorado, where they live.

And here's a super-charged picture of her that I like....
Isn't she darling?!

So now SuSu and I both have granddaughters!

We got to talk about that Wednesday
when we went
to the The Original Pancake House in Grapevine.

They have good gluten-free pancakes that Susan could eat.
They looked good
Susan didn't get this many.

I got the buttermilk pancakes with bacon.

One of these days I'm going to get their signature Dutch Baby....
(Then I'll go on Weight Watchers.)

Have any of my blog readers had their Dutch Baby?
I'd like a review.

In closing, here's a quote I like....

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