Sunday, August 17, 2014

Yes, I can be friendly and outgoing, BUT....

... I can be very INTROVERT-ISH.

"Introvert" does NOT particularly mean SHY, by the way.

Click HERE for one definition of INTROVERT as opposed to EXTRAVERT (yes, with an 'a') (from The Myers & Briggs Foundation).

Just this morning I found this 'MAP OF THE INTROVERT'S HEART'....
and I LOVE IT!!!.....
Do YOU like it?
I'd be curious to know.
(in a comment)

I will end this post with a snippet from my Peggy-book (that I so need to finish).

This shows how twins can be different - with regards to the topic I'm treating today.....

Finally our senior year we decided to room together, just because it was our last year and we knew it might be the last time we’d get to lie in bed at night rehashing the day with each other. 
Most of our friends were wanting to live in apartments, but Peggy and I liked dorm life, well especially since we didn’t have a car, but also we just liked dorm life.  So we signed up to live in Memorial, the prestigious junior/senior dorm.   We had to write down our preferences on where we wanted to live in the dorm.  This decision of where to live really showed our differences.  Peggy wanted to live smack dab in the middle of the floor, right across from the stairs and the elevator, and next to the vending machines.  She said that way we’d see everybody coming and going, as we’d have our door always open.  
There was no way I wanted to live like that.  I wanted to live at the very end of the hall, with our door always closed. 
We thought about compromising and saying we wanted to live somewhere in the middle, but somehow we decided that no, let’s go for either/or.  I think it was a coin toss that I won.  Our primary request was to live at the end of the hall, and our secondary was to live by the stairway and vending machines    Fortunately our (my) first request was granted!!   And as usual, my bed was snug by the wall, and hers was in the middle of the room. 
That's it for today.

Now I'm going to go have some more solitude.

(Isn't that a great picture?)

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sara [at] journey of doing said...

I tend to agree with you... I want to be at the end of the hall, not by the stairs... but I do love that you lived together that last year... how special is that?! I can't help thinking I can't wait to read this book... because Peggy just sounds like such a great person... and who doesn't like to read about those people?!

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