Friday, September 12, 2014

Baylor is winning.... again!!!!

Baylor is winning again.  !!!
(But I'm yawning.)
I guess it's getting to be 'old hat'?
(Well, that's a great problem.)

I was watching the Baylor/Buffalo game upstairs on the big screen, but have decided to come downstairs and blog.
Well, we're winning, 35-0.

I haven't blogged since Wednesday... and now I have some pictures to show you...
of maybe future Baylor Bears!...

Yes! Nell was 10 months old this week!
(Time waits for no man - or baby.)

Well, here are her cousins - who just keep growing and growing...
That's Caroline. (A second grader!)

That's Andrew. (A kindergartener, who can clearly take care of himself!)

And that's Anna. (An aspiring ballerina!)

And here's beautiful Anna with her beautiful mother and her beautiful great grandmother!
I'm so glad they got together this week.

In closing, here's my daughter...
(who IS a Baylor Bear! Sic 'Em!)

This was last year...
And this is this year...
It was a before-and-after-new-glasses picture.

Well, the best thing said about those pictures was (in my opinion)
Laurie Bargsley's comment on the second picture...
"Look like your mama in this picture! So pretty!"

Well, I had to "LIKE" that!!!
I will hit 'publish' for now..
... but stay tuned for a celebration of my husband's 62nd birthday celebration!

(I've been working on a 'down-through-the-years-with-Sam' celebratory bit of prose.)
(It's fun to reminisce- when you have someone you with whom you like to reminisce.)

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sara [at] journey of doing said...

Laura sure looks beautiful there!! She gets it from her mama! ;) Nell IIs growing so fast.... so are those other babes. That picture of Anna is one of my favorites!!

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