Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I need to turn off the news....

Yes. I need to quit watching and/or reading the news.
Unless you're a hermit, you know that it's very disturbing.
Ignorance is more my bliss.

Ah, but in my little world there's this....
Little Nell has gotten "Patty Cake" down!
Well, I think it is officially called "Pat-A-Cake", which makes more sense.
Either way, Nell has got it down!
Isn't that a beautiful rug she's doing Pat-A-Cake on?

Here's some of the rest of her house...

And now for the back porch area, which is why the house sold to the very first couple who saw it (Nell's folks)...
Yes, it's the best back porch area in Texas, well, maybe the world.
And it had a good price on it (which is the main thing)!!

Well, I didn't show you the living room.
Maybe next time.
(Clearly I'm more impressed with the back porch area.)

I will focus on those good people today and that wonderful back porch (instead of the news)...
and maybe just watch Sesame Street.

OR "Family Feud!"
I found out that Nell really likes that show.
It makes her just clap and clap and clap!!

Well, of course!
It makes ME clap!

Watch it, and see if you'll clap, too.

Sorry, this is not a video. (Check your local listings.)

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