Friday, September 5, 2014

Look Alikes?

It's been 20 years since one of my favorite movies was released.  It's FORREST GUMP.
I may have to watch it yet again.

Yesterday I came across an article about it that I really like.  It's "Sixteen Life Lessons You Can Learn from Forrest Gump."  It is GREAT.  I hope you click on that - and read it. 

Since 1994 there have been many books about Gump's wisdom, like this one....
... but that article (that I highlighted above) is a VERY QUICK look at some of his wisdom.
I've been told through the years that I look like Sally Fields, who played Forrest's mother.
I've always liked that.
Why just two weeks ago my new hair stylist wanted to know if anybody had told me I looked like Sally Fields.
I say, "Why, yes."  (And I thanked her.)

Sally was a good mother to Forrest Gump....
(I don't think that doctor had a thermometer in his mouth.)
(My hair has looked like that before.)
I want my expression to be like that when I'm really, really sick.

Anyway, I like being told I look like Sally Fields.

Speaking of looking like someone, yesterday my niece Elizabeth posted a picture of her two oldest (of three) children.
It was for ThrowBack Thursday...
 That's Andrew with his big sister Caroline about 5 years ago.

Well, I think they look like this little girl...
That's Nell at Firehouse Subs.
(That's one of her parents' favorite eateries.)

And here she is with me feeding her at my house just yesterday....
(Not everybody looks that good when they eat.)

Anyway, I think Caroline and Andrew and Nell look alike.

Well, they're more than second cousins.
Their grandmothers are identical twins.

And here is my twin Peggy years ago with her kids Cap and Elizabeth,
and my son, Will, who is in the middle.

Do you think they all look like Sally Field?
And Nell?

Well, I do.

Oh, here is Sally Fields with her famous "You like me!" speech at the Academy Awards....

I think that speech was okay.
I mean, she WAS liked!

I like being liked, don't you?

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