Saturday, October 4, 2014

Adopt... yes!

By 1983 we thought we maybe couldn't have children.
I contacted an adoption agency (Buckner)... and was told that because of so many abortions it would be at least 7 years before we could get a baby.
I was 31.... which meant I would be 38 when a baby was available.

Long story short: we didn't need to adopt as in August of '84 we had our own precious biological son, Samuel Williams Carmack VI.  (And then a little less than two years later ('86), we had our precious daughter - Laura Katherine Carmack (whose name we'd picked in 1979!)
(That sometimes happens when you look to adopt.... you get pregnant!! - and then pregnant again!!!)

Along that line, our nephew, Rob and his wife Caroline are looking to adopt a baby!  They already have two (Sawyer and Delia), but their hearts are open to another.   What a blessed baby that will be!

Saturday (today) they had a unique fundraiser-type-event for getting funds for Baby Carmack.
It was a Corn-Hole extravaganza!

I'm thinking the Corn-Hole thing is a subculture!
Well, whatever it is, it is wonderful.... and serves to raise funds for folks who need it.... .like Rob and Caroline and their new little adopted baby (who will come I don't know when).

Here are some pictures I took of the Corn-Hole event ...

That's Rob on the left, with his friends checking things out.
This is some corn-holing going on.

 And they had some fun for the little ones...

And here are some pictures Caroline (Rob's wife) posted on Facebook...
Notice the t-shirts. Their message is great. GREAT! (Notice the bottom line: "SUPPORT ADOPTION")

Oh, here's another picture of Rob doing his thing...

After being there for a while, I'm thinking Corn-Holing may be a subculture....

And it is wonderful...  
especially if it brings some much love/money
to help Rob and Caroline and Sawyer and Delia
get a little person to join their family.
Well, that is EXCITING.

And I'm ready for another Carmack in the clan!!!

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