Thursday, October 2, 2014


1. I have a new favorite blog! It's A Nest To Call Home, by Heather Braman Gaton.

Here we are (were) a few Octobers ago....
We used to work together in the Simplitieas Tea Room at LoneStar Antiques.
Well, I played while she worked.
(She's moved on, but I'm still there.)

Anyway, she has this blog up that is super. 
When you go there, stay a while.
For one thing, you'll get inspired to be 'homemakey'.

Her August 21st post was very helpful to me - 
since Sam and I have off and on thought about moving to a different house.
The blog post is titled 5 Tips for Finding Your Dream House.

Oh, be sure and read About the Author.

Really, check it all out.

Oh, and you can like it on Facebook.

2. My second favorite thing is this painting in Laura and Ryan's bedroom...
(I'm sorry you can't really see the painting all that well.)
My mother painted it... and some of you know what it is.
It's the road in front of their east Texas home they called White Haven.
White Haven is a place of memories galore.
When Mother and Daddy got to where they couldn't keep taking care of it all (90 acres - that my great grandparents had earlier), they moved to the Metroplex, to be closer to me. 
That was a major, major move.
And I'm so glad Mother painted a picture of the road and that beautiful orangey-red tree.

3. My third favorite is this picture....
I took that picture the first week I started watching Nell (last week of August).
Laura had come to work with her dad on getting some of her artwork copied,
and well, she got to see Nell, and take her picture.
And, of course, I had to take a picture, too.

4. My fourth favorite is the fact that Nell can enjoy the toy drawer now....

She hasn't smashed her little fingers closing it YET.

5. In closing here is one of my favorite posters...

That's it!
Have a great weekend!


laura said...

Fun things! And I love having that painting hanging in my room

sara [at] journey of doing said...

That picture of Nell and Laura is SO CUTE!! What a beautiful smile Laura has!! Nell seems pretty excited about that toy drawer. She seems to have been waiting on it! :)

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