Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Night Likes...

Last night I had a delicious supper with these people...
They drew pictures for me!

I love those drawings they made for me!!

And I love our little Nell in the park today...
Bailey texted this picture to me.... and it made me smile!!
Other stuff has been happening.
I'll tell you soon about Sam and his wanderings (wonderings).
 Hint: here he is (was) recently...
No, none of those folks to his left have come from West Africa.
Or the person to his right.
Thank goodness.
As for me: I've been having some me-time.
I've been watching some Alfred Hitchcock on Netflix...
Those episodes are great!
And they are less than 30 minutes!
(I don't like long shows.)

And this afternoon I had my favorite snack/supper
while watching some of those episodes....
Taco Bueno's MexiDips and Chips!

I know... they're not the most nutritious snack/supper in the world...
but it's Friday...
and they're what I like!!

In conclusion, here's a quote I like...

“Living on Earth is expensive,
but it does include a free trip around the sun every year.”
 – Unknown


Sara Elizabeth said...

Those are some sweet faces to spend time with!! Wonder where in the world Sam is... that's a German bird (plane) for sure!!

Laura said...

Mexi dip and chips was always my favorite! Haven't had it in forever tho