Monday, November 24, 2014

All Quiet on the Carmack Front...

Holiday season is here...
... with its expectations.

Frankly I think Thanksgiving and Christmas in America can get CRAZY.
Well, if we let it.

This year I'm NOT going to let it.

I'm just going to BE.

My gifts to folks may not be perfect.
 Well, I don't know how they could be.
(I can't read people's minds.)
And that's what I will be.

Back in 1981 Sam and I were in language school in south Brazil...
We were new, young Southern Baptist missionaries,
trying to learn Portuguese,
with fellow missionaries,
from the Assemblies of God, and Independent Baptists,
and Mennonites, and Presbyterians,
and Pentecostal Holiness churches.
It was quite a hodge-podge of Christian folk,
away from our homeland,
hovering together.

We scheduled a Thanksgiving feast at the language school on Thanksgiving night,
which the language school hosts encouraged.
We all thought that would make us feel less homesick,
and would be fun.
It helped... and we had fun...
UNTIL we found out that some Christians back in the States
thought we were being frivolous.
They were giving us money to reach people for God...
not to celebrate our holidays.
I will never, ever forget that.
Did that knowledge-
that we shouldn't do that
(according to those folks back in the States)-
help us?
It made us feel more isolated than ever.
We needed to celebrate Thanksgiving.
We always had...
So why not there...
far away?

I guess I haven't gotten over that message---
that we shouldn't have done that --
celebrated Thanksgiving in Brazil.

But if I had to do it over..

And I want every American
to celebrate Thanksgiving
wherever they are.

We have so much to be grateful for.

I can name several things...
like freedom...
and other things.
I'm sure you can, too.
Don't begrudge anybody...
for having a big Thanksgiving feast, okay?

It's a time to...
 and celebrate.


Alice conway said...

I have spent many Thanksgivings out of my country..and it is so important to celebrate with other Americans and local guests. Also 4th of July, with our flag flying and the national songs.One year we spent Christmas in Thailand in a hotel...The boat was in a repair yard. On the 23 of Dec, we arrived back at the hotel to find that they had decorated the entire first floor with Christmas decorations. When we got to our room, there was a decorated tree, and Christmas gifts from the hotel.... This in a non Christian country!!!

sara [at] journey of doing said...

That breaks my heart!!! Those poor people who feel like Thanksgiving wasn't away to reach people?! Oy with the poodles already!!

Nancy said...

Really, Sara. Thanksgiving IS a way to reach folks. Surely.

I need to chuckle...

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