Saturday, November 29, 2014

It's beginning...

... well, it was beginning to look a lot like Christmas in some stores in September. (!)

I actually saw a few decorations for sale in August.  (I've repressed the memory of which store.)

I started decorating yesterday... and now my house is a mess... with stuff that sets out all year except Christmas, and then has to be dealt with, so the Christmas decor has a place.
And so the non-Christmas stuff is lying around with some Christmas stuff... and well,
I'm exhausted.

But my dear mother told me this morning, "Let it be a mess - until you get some rest. It's okay. It is so okay."
I started breathing again.

Sometimes we have to talk to ourselves.
And remind ourselves that the ONLY thing we HAVE to do in life is die and pay our taxes.

Whew. That puts things in perspective.

And you don't even have to carry on. You can rest. :)

Really, stress over Christmas is crazy on many levels.

Thinking about friends who have cancer,
or who have lost loved ones in the past year (through death or divorce),
or who don't have the money to do Christmas at all,
or who are lonely, depressed, etc....
well, they give me perspective.

I was needing to settle down and think about them.

They do give perspective to my Christmas mess.


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