Saturday, November 22, 2014

My Favorite Things...

There's this from daughter Laura....
That is amazing.  Mm.
 and there's this fabulous map she did...

You can order her creations at ... They are amazing... and you can get them on clothes, mugs, in picture frames, cellphone covers, etc.  Oh yes.  They would make unique Christmas gifts. :)

In other 'favorite-things' news, there's this picture....
and this one...
Sam was teaching Caroline and Andrew some of the finer points of chess...
and they were loving it.

Oh, and here is one my new favorite people....
She's Helen, and she came into the tea room the other day. 
She is 100 years old.  That's as in a century-old.  Wow.

She came with Mother's group from Parkwood Retirement Community.
I forgot to take a picture until it was (almost) too late...
There were nineteen eating there.
The rest got up to shop in the huge antique mall
(including century-old Helen).
 These two decided to take it easy.
That's my mother on the right, with Peggy on the left. 
(We're partial to anybody named 'Peggy', of course.)
When she left Peggy gave me a tiny little cross to remind that Jesus loves me.
How dear is that?

And here's something else very dear...
That's my niece Elizabeth with her Caroline.
Caroline is reciting Psalm 100 at that moment.
I just put that on Facebook because I wanted more folks to see it.
(and those people)

In less than a week we celebrate Thanksgiving.
I read a thanksgiving post this week on a blog,
and the blogger was being thankful for having a blog.
Well, I hadn't thought about that before.
Now I'm thankful for having a blog.
(My daughter Laura introduced me to the world of blogging years ago.)
(Thank you, Laura!)

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Laura said...

You're welcome! And thanks for the plug!

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