Saturday, November 15, 2014

The world does seem smaller now...

... what with cell phones, Facetime, Skype, e-mails, Facebook, etc., etc.
You can stay in touch with folks far away far better than ever before!

And am I glad!

On December 1st our daughter and her husband and their two dogs are moving to Portland, Oregon! 

They've been living in Dallas - 30 minutes away from us (except during rush hour).  That's been so nice.
But now we'll get to visit Oregon.  (Neither Sam nor I have ever been to Oregon.)

Ryan has gotten a really good job there, at a clinic where he will be (is) a Nurse Practitioner.

Everything has gone like clock-work - as if it were all meant to be!
(And we believe it IS meant to be.)
They sold their house the first week they put it up for sale.
He got the Portland job the week they went up there for the interview, and they signed a lease on a house up there the next week.

It IS exciting. 

Here's a picture of Laura on their visit to the state earlier this month...

And here they are together on that trip....
Laura's cousin Rob said the other night
that Laura and Ryan seem like Portland, Oregon people.
(We thought that was a great comment... and a compliment.)
So we'll be far away.... but Sam and I remind ourselves that Laura and Ryan COULD be farther away than Oregon.

And now for the obligatory "when-we-were-your-age": when we were their age we moved to Brazil.   We didn't have cell phones, emails, etc.  So, prior to moving there I got my ham radio license (yes, you read that right).   In Brazil I'd contact a ham radio operator back in the States who would call our folks on the telephone... and we'd talk that way.... like with 'Over and Out', etc.   
That seems like a whole other world and lifetime away. 

And now we're in a whole new world and lifetime - well, it's the same lifetime... I'm still me, but it does feel like a whole new -much smaller- world.  Oh yeah.... and I like it!

Anyway, we'll be scheduling our flight to Oregon pretty soon! 
And I'll tell you all about it.


laura said...

thanks for being excited for us! even though it's sad too. can't wait to show you Portland!

sara [at] journey of doing said...

Oh wow! That's exciting and sad!! I can see Laura and Ryan in Portland though... my sister really loved her time there, so I hope Portland treats them just as well!! Congrats to Ryan for his amazing job opportunity!

Linh said...

I am excited for Laura and Ryan too, although I am also very very sad :( I'll just visit the tea room more often so we can keep each other company!

Jay Gosdin said...

Good luck to Laura and Ryan. By the way I am WA5KUG. I got my ham license when I was 16 years old! Jay Gosdin

Nancy said...

Great comments. Linh, you visit the tea room... I'd LOVE that.
Jay, I don't remember any of my ham radio stuff. ... I just learned the Morse Code and didn't test to be a U.S. operator. I didn't have to in Brazil. That's great about you, though!!! Really.

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