Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fuzzy's Tacos... no --- Fuzzy PICTURES!

Some of these pictures are fuzzy.... but they represented a FUN time!!!!
(This post has nothing to do with tacos.)
(I just wanted to get your attention.)

Last Friday afternoon, I went to a little tea party hosted by these two....
That's Elizabeth and Anna.
Caroline and Andrew also hosted the event.

Well, it really wasn't a LITTLE tea party... I mean, look at that big table!!....

I loved the napkins for the party...

And these were two of the guests....
That's Jim and Alice (Alice is Caroline, Andrew and Anna's great grandmother, Coco).
They are a wonderful couple... and so fun to be around.

After we ate, Caroline shared (by memory) the Christmas story from the book of Luke....
 It was wonderful.

And then her little sister Anna shared with us some of what she'd asked from Santa....
She wants a magical unicorn, or maybe just a horse,
and a little Pomeranian puppy,
and I forget what all else.

Her brother didn't 'perform', but he did serve the fruit salad.
(My camera was in my purse for that.)

It was a wonderful time.

And it was just a select group of people invited:
Jim, Alice, Mother, Sam and me.
(I'll get pictures of Mother and Sam on Christmas morning.)

I felt very honored to have been part of that select group.
Christmas is day after tomorrow!

Well, there are a few more things I could do,
but I need to cease and desist.
Perfection is overrated.

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sara [at] journey of doing said...

This looks like a fantastic party!! Love all the festive details... and the guests too!!

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