Friday, December 5, 2014

Her splendidness,.... and her new cousin!!!!

I apologize if I'm wearing you out on Nell.

But she is the queen of the universe now.

Well, at the least, the princess of the galaxy...

That is her family's Christmas card this year. 
And I had to share it.

I'm trying to be objective.
But there is no objective way to show you her highness. 

She is splendid.

On a different note, (well, not that different), she has a new cousin....
 That's Enza.
Her daddy is Italian, so she has an Italian name.
That is so great.
Her brother is Luca.
Her mother is Jessica (Bailey's sister) and her dad is A.J.
And their last name is Marcaccio.

My last name growing up was White.
I was (am) Nancy Jane White (Carmack).

That sounds kind of boring.

Ah, but Marcaccio.
Imagine that as your last name?


That makes me want some spaghetti and meatballs.
And maybe some garlic bread.
And a salad with Italian dressing.

I may have to go to Olive Garden soon.

Oh yeah.
Or at least get some pizza!!!

I love good pizza.

I'll eat it for you, little Enza!!!

I mean, WE'RE RELATED!!!

well, yeah.

Well, I WANT to be ITALIAN.

With you, I can be!!!!


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sara [at] journey of doing said...

Nell is SO cute. Love their Christmas card!! Congrats on sweet Enza!! That pizza looks SO GOOD... yum!

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