Sunday, December 21, 2014

Stop right now.... this very minute...

... and be thankful that your heart is beating.

Some of you are already thankful.... 
well, those of you who have had bypass surgery,
or pace-makers, or stints,
or other heart-stuff.

The rest of us take our hearts for granted.

Would that we wouldn't.

Here's a picture from just a year ago....
That's Trish (on the left) and her BFF Terri, setting up the Christmas Village in the Tea Room at LoneStar Antiques (5605 Denton Highway, Haltom City, TX)

This past week dear Trish's heart stopped beating.
It was stomach cancer that had spread and spread. 

Who knew last year that Trish would not be here for Christmas this year?

Life is too fragile.
We too often take it for granted.
(Well, some of us do.)

This year I'm remembering my twin, and my Daddy, and my Granddaddy Andy,
and Grandmother Jennie, and Granddaddy Earl and my Grandmother Ora,
and other aunts and uncles, whose hearts stopped beating.
I am so thankful for them.

And so thankful for those whose hearts are STILL beating:
my dear mother,
and some aunts and uncles, and cousins,
and friends.... 
and Will and Bailey and little Nell,
and Laura and Ryan and Ryan's family: Jerry, Vickie, Zach and Victoria,
and Bailey's family: Bob, Robin, Shea, Scott, Camryn and Macy,
and A. J. and Jessica and Luca and Enza...
and of course...
Dennis and Lita (La Loca)
and Ttasha and Galen...

and the Huffmans:
Elizabeth and John, and Caroline, Andrew and Anna.

and of course CAP!...

and Pat and Ken,
and the Tompkins and the Adrians,
and Justin, Amber, Arlo and Thatcher,
Steve, Lorie and Mac,
John, and Josh, and Jason,
Rob, Caroline, Sawyer and Delia...

and our Shiloh-pup.

Oh, and did I say Sam-the-man?

And MY heart is still beating.
Thank you, Lord.
Thank you for that.

Let me NOT take that for granted.

I love that my heart is still beating.
And when it's not, I'm thankful for heaven.

What a profound relief: ETERNAL LIFE.
(John 17:3)

And what a profound relief: the Christmas Story...
God became baby Jesus...
and we can truly know God - through Jesus.





Being Beth said...

I'm glad your heart is beating, Nancy!!! This has been a hard week for me as I learned that two lifelong and dear friends have only weeks to live due to cancer, and a third friend nearly died from a pulmonary embolism. Thank God that friend got to the hospital in time and is now home. Makes me glad my heart is beating, cancer is not part of my life, and that I have so many dear friends who bless my life…like you!

Nancy said...

Beth, I'm so sorry about your friends with cancer and only weeks to live. That is so sad.
And I'm glad your heart is beating, too!

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