Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tantrums, Hiccups, Sweet Nell, and Sweet Traveling Pups.... in that order...

I just read a blog post that was good for me. It's How to Help a Mom When her Child is Raging in Public.

When my children were little they never threw temper tantrums in any public place. (Thanks, Will and Laura. I didn't appreciate you enough.)
Ah, but I've witnessed such behavior in public places (not by anyone I know, just strangers)- and well, it's awkward for everyone close by.... and especially the parent.   That blog post helped me to know what maybe I could do in such a situation.

On a different note, I have a remedy for hiccups.  I used it when I taught junior high English years ago.   A student would come to my desk and ask to go get some water from the water fountain because he/she had the hiccups.  I'd say, "Just stand here and if I hear the hiccup I'll let you go get water."  Never once did a student hiccup in front of me.   Trying to make it happen I guess made the hiccups go away.
Of course, when I have hiccups Sam cures them by scaring me.  (I didn't want to use that technique in the classroom.)

On a different note, I'm taking care of my granddaughter today.  Right this minute she is waking up from her nap.  I can hear her on the monitor making baby talk. Now that is sweetness in my ears.
I had heard that being a grandparent would be great.... well, it's true.

Here are two pictures I took before her nap....

Nell and Shiloh are sweet buddies, thankfully.

In other news, Laura and Ryan made it all the way to Fort Collins, CO last night - where they're staying with some friends. Then they'll head on to Portland, Oregon, their new home.
Here's a picture Ryan sent me this morning....
It looks like Olive and Akon are good travelers!!! 

That's my blog post for the day.

(I'm doing well at keeping calm this Christmas.)

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sara [at] journey of doing said...

LOL, that's a great remedy. I would be the kid that wouldn't stop hiccoughing in front of you though. I have the WORST ones. My mom said that I would get them in the womb and her entire stomach would jump during meetings... people couldn't help but stare.

That Nell sure is cute and Shiloh sure looks happy being a grand-dog, too!! He is proud.

YAY for a successful journey to Colorado - here's to more safe travels!!

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