Tuesday, December 23, 2014

We'll break the fast Christmas morning....

... with our traditional Christmas breakfast that Sam - and the guys - (whoever guys are in the kitchen building) will cook.

'Breakfast' means breaking the fast. 

I have found that the only way I can effectively fast is by sleeping.

So Christmas morning I will have a superb BREAK-FAST.

It's what we do for Carmack Christmas.

Monday Sam and I bought groceries for Christmas breakfast...
That's at Market Street in Colleyville.
There are coffee beans in the cart, plus Simply Orange orange juice (yum),
Grand's HomeStyle Biscuits, Owens Sausage (for biscuits and gravy),
large eggs, Oscar Mayer Thick-sliced Bacon,
Pork Tamales,... 
and other stuff, I can't remember.
(Oh yeah... some yummy jam, and honey, and hot picante sauce for Will and Ryan.)

And yesterday I got some delicious-looking cinnamon rolls at Walmart.  (We usually have pancakes on Christmas morning, but what with maybe 19 folks attending (our highest attendance yet), we've opted for easier cinnamon rolls. I mean, we want Sam - the chef - to be able to sit down with us and eat.

Before we have the breakfast, we'll see what Santa has brought us.

I usually know what he's brought, since I'm one of his elves (yes, I am!)...
but I so enjoy seeing how the recipients receive the gifts he's (we've) brought.

That is the anticipation I'm having now.

If there's one thing I like, it's ANTICIPATION.
(Well, among other things.)



sara [at] journey of doing said...

Merry Christmas Sam and Nancy!!! Enjoy your break-from-fast!!

Nancy said...

Thanks, Sara!!!!
And thanks for your beautiful Christmas card!!

Being Beth said...

Merry Christmas, Nancy! Your Christmas breakfast sounds amazing. What time should I show up? LOL!!!

I usually fix lox and bagels, but this year I'm serving bacon, scrambled eggs, fried potatoes all mixed together and then baked with a thick layer of sharp cheddar cheese on top. We'll have Simply Orange OJ as well, and lots of coffee.

Corned beef, cabbage potatoes, and huckleberry cobbler is on tap for our big dinner. Sandwiches for anybody still around later in the evening. Good food and good times.

Our girl won't be with us this year…I get homesick for her every time I think of it, and her Ryan was just diagnosed with influenza. Their Christmas won't be much fun. Would appreciate prayers for them.

Give my love to everyone and hugs to you!

Love you!


Nancy said...

Oh my, Meredith won't be there!! She will miss that yummy food you'll have!
And yes, right this minute I'm praying for her and Ryan.... and you as you miss them.

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