Thursday, January 29, 2015

Anna Day!!

I had a day with Anna, my sweet four-year-old great niece, yesterday.
The reason we were together was not good: her mommy had a 'tummy bug' (as Anna called it).
But we had a WONDERFUL DAY together.
(Her mommy is much better today.)

Here is Anna right after feeding Shiloh...
The big pink plastic glass that we use to scoop out the dog food matches Anna's outfit.
How great is that?!

And here she is at lunchtime...
It looks like she has a nose pierce here,
but it was really a 'boo-boo'.
(Isn't she beautfiul?)
(And it's inside and out beauty.)

And here we are at the Walmart Neighborhood Market in Bedford...
Yes, I've been wearing my hair crazy.
In the car earlier Anna said,
"Yay, I get to spend the whole day with Aunt Nancy with the crazy hair!"
I had a sweet looking young lady take our picture,
because it was the first time either Anna or I used one of those carts,
where a child can sit in the back.
The front part of the cart sticks out so far 
that it can be a challenge to steer,
but we made it!

Then we went to see Mother, whom Anna calls Nana.
So Aunt Nancy and Anna went to see Nana.
(Now that sounds Dr. Seuss-y to me.)

Then we came home and rested.

Anna watched some "Silly Symphonies" on my laptop...

According to Wikipedia, Silly Symphony is a series of 75 animated short films produced by Walt Disney Productions from 1929 to 1939. As their name implies, the Silly Symphonies were originally intended as whimsical accompaniments to pieces of music.  (I copied and pasted that.)

Anna watched about 5 of them, which were each about 8 minutes long.

Her mother, Elizabeth, along with her Uncle Cap and their cousins, my kids Will and Laura, loved watching the "Water Babies" Silly Symphony when they were children.  My parents had the video tape of that, and well, we all knew (know) it by heart. 
You can, too, if you watch it over and over, which you CAN, HERE.....
 You might find it relaxing. (I do.)

So Anna and I had a great day together.

I hope you have some one-on-one time with a little one soon.
It refreshes the soul.

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