Sunday, January 25, 2015

Skin, and Suitcases, and Some Sillies...

This is my new iPhone 6...

All iPhone 6's don't look like this. 
This one has a special 'skin' on its back.
I ordered it HERE.
It's my daughter's Society6 shop... 
You can buy lots of things.
I happened to buy an iPhone 6 skin.
When it came I thought it was lame.
So I ordered the iPhone 6 CASE... which was much more expensive.
Then I decided, 'what-the-hay,' I'll try the skin on my phone.
And I liked it after all!!!
I'm thinking I'll like the case more, because it cost more...
and will probably be much more protective of the iPhone
but I DO like the skin!!

there you have it.

And when Laura sees this blog she'll know about it!

Different note, 
I've made suitcases my background these last few weeks.
Well, that's because I'm going to be traveling to Oregon soon,
so I will be packing my bags,
though they won't be as pretty as in this blog background.

Do you remember when suitcases didn't have wheels?
Whoa. I do. Only strong men could carry heavy bags.

Really, I think it is amazing that it took so long for suitcases to all have wheels.
I mean, didn't the wheel become popular centuries ago?

Well, now we all have bags with wheels.
Thank goodness.

Now I just need to get some unique luggage,
so I won't have to put a ribbon or something on it to tell it apart.

Maybe Laura could carry a line of luggage!?

I think she could do better than this...

Well, now I have some Sillies that have somewhat to do with the previous subjects...
I hope they're at least somewhat funny to you.

What do you call a Scottish iPhone?
An AyePhone.

Do not touch MY Apple iPhone.
It’s not an usPhone, it’s not a wePhone, it’s not an ourPhone, it’s an iPhone.


That's it.
I hope you're getting ready for a good new week!


laura said...

Thanks for sharing the phone cover! I thought that's maybe what happened when I saw a skin was ordered, and than a case of the same thing was ordered a week or so later. Sorry it was confusing! Thanks for all your support :) And can't wait to see you guys!

Nancy said...

Laura, thank you for your comments.
I so appreciate them... and you.

I am so enjoying my phone skin... and know I will enjoy my 'cover'.
(I picked that designed after much deliberation.)

And I cannot wait to see you in your new surroundings. !!!

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