Saturday, January 10, 2015

Smiling ....

Seeing smiles makes me smile.
That's Elizabeth holding Nell-Belle.

That's Elizabeth making Nell smile, while Caroline holds Nell smiling.
Now that's a sweet picture of two sweet young ladies smiling.

And that's Anna doing her making-Nell-smile part.

Well, it's not hard to make Nell smile...
That's Nell with her aunt and her daddy in the background.

These pictures do make me smile.

And here's another smile-picture...
Caroline knitted that scarf for her Nana.
She only made one... and it was just for Nana.

Years ago people didn't smile for family pictures.
(I think it had to do with how long it took to take the picture;
a genuine smile can only last so long.)

Here's an old picture...
In the middle of that picture, the little girl behind the boy in the front
is my Grandmother Jennie (my dad's mother)!
I've always thought her old brother Clayton, in the back on the right,
looks like Peggy's son Cap!

Now here's a smiling picture...
Cap is in the upper left.
Can you see a resemblance between Cap and his great great (great?) uncle Clayton?
Well, one is smiling and one is not,
but you can see it, right?
I started writing this blog post just wanting to show you those pictures of Elizabeth
and Nell and Caroline and Anna and Mother and Will and Laura...
and then this post morphed into a post about smiles...
and then I took a picture on the wall of my Grandmother Jennie as a child..
and well.. here we are!!

My blog has a mind of its own.
I just have to follow its lead.

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sara [at] journey of doing said...

That Nell makes me smile!! She was such kind eyes! She is a happy girl!! I see the resemblance to Cap too!

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