Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Super Likes...

I super liked these onion rings...
 They were huge... and YUM.

Mother and I both really liked them.

We ate them in Ben Wheeler, TX at this place...
You may notice that the Rodeo Clown Dropouts are performing there this Saturday night.

The Rodeo Clown Dropouts will perform on this big stage,
which has a picture of Ben Wheeler as the backdrop...
It might be fun to go back Saturday night for the concert...
and eat some more onion rings.
(Ben Wheeler, is west of Tyler, in east Texas.)

The whole downtown area has been redone.
This sign reminds you of that.
Anyway, I super-liked Mother's and my experience there Monday.

On a different note,
I have a Super Like for a new coat...
And I super like the model modeling that coat.
(It was on sale at OLD NAVY, the model's mommy said.)

Here are some gloves I super like...
Mother wanted me to pick out some new gloves for my birthday last week,
so I did...

... and I actually found some that matched my coat!

I got that coat last year (at Macy's for 50% off).

So I'm feeling pretty spiffy in that coat and gloves.


(Linda, at the front desk at LoneStar Antiques,
thought I should take a selfie of myself,
with my new gloves,
but I asked her to take it.
And she did.
(She wanted me to pose like that.)
(Thanks, Linda)

Here's a totally different Super Like...
It's a coloring book!

On the back cover there is this...

Here are two pages inside...
Oh, look! That picture on the right was drawn by Laura Maxwell!
Some of you remember her as Laura Carmack.
(Proud momma keeps on bragging.)

Well, those are some super likes for today.
I have more.

Stay tuned.

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laura said...

thanks for sharing the coloring book! and those onion rings look delish!

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