Sunday, January 18, 2015

Totally Random, but Equally Wonderful Stuff ...

Facetime is a fantastic thing.... 
Friday afternoon we got to visit with Ryan and Laura via Facetime in Portland, Oregon.
They told us how much they like it out there.
And we got to see their tall trees, and our sweet granddogs.

We're scheduled to visit them in February!
I can hardly wait.
In other news, I got up early-early this morning to take some dear folks to the airport.
Here I am with one of those folks...
That's not the most flattering picture of either of us,
but I like it because it shows how content we are with each other.
That picture was taken yesterday afternoon.
Nell sat in my lap for almost 2 hours,
just content to let me talk to her, and her talk back to me sweetly,
and she would play gently with my bracelets.

Well, she'd just come from a big birthday party for her cousin Camryn,
and she was worn out...
which made my lap a relaxing place to be. :)

Now this next picture is not from Camryn's party,
but it's of her and her little sister, Macy...
Are they not the cutest girls?
(They're Bailey's sister Shea's girls.)

Here's one of their family pictures....
Beautiful family, huh?
(Camryn (Cammie) had her 5th birthday party yesterday.)
(I'm not ready for her to be 5!)

In other news, I'm going to finish SOON my Peggy-book I've been promising to finish.
I'm going to work with Mother soon, to get right some of the facts that my memory
might have not gotten right.

And I will be picking out some pictures to put in it.
It takes more money to put color pictures in a book,
so that's one thing nice about being older:
most of the pictures I have of us growing up
are black and white!

Here are some of the earliest ones...

In case you're new to my blog (and my life),
my dear twin Peggy died at age 37...
and I want to pay a tribute to her
by writing about our wonderful life together.

I've been promising to finish the book for a long time.

Hold me accountable, okay?

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laura said...

yeah, it was great facetiming with you guys, can't wait to show it all to you in person

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