Friday, February 27, 2015

My Favorite Things...

Besides whiskers on kittens...
I like that Elizabeth came to see Nell and me yesterday morning!...
(Nell smiled right after that picture was taken.)
By the way, here's a gift Elizabeth gave me at Christmas that I adore...
(I wonder if there is a plaque out there that says the same thing about nieces?)

I digress.

Elizabeth, Nell and I had a late breakfast treat together...
... White chocolate apricot muffins from Market Street.
They were Oh-My-Goodness-Yum, especially with hot coffee.

Then later little Nell got sleepy (she didn't have the coffee)... 
and I loved her napping with me. (I actually didn't nap.)
Bailey took that picture... and posted it on FB - and it's getting lots of 'likes'!!
I love it.

I can remember my own daughter sleeping like that with me.

Speaking of my own daughter, here's a recent picture of us in Oregon... 
I love that picture.
And her.

Speaking of Oregon, here are two totally different pictures I like that I took from the plane on the way home....
Look closely: There are four snow-covered mountain tops in view. I think the one on the far left is Mount St. Helens, then there's Mount Hood and Mount Ranier (not sure which is which) and the mountain in the foreground is I-don't-know-what.
Anyway, I thought that was a great picture.

This next picture is really close to home...
That's the Cowboy (AT&T) Stadium in the upper left
and the Ball Park at Arlington (also called (I think) Globe Life Park in Arlington) in kind of the middle.
The AT&T Stadium is about 20 minutes from our house...
so you can tell we were close to home.
On a different note, and along the theme of 'Favorite Things'...
Here are these 2 signs I saw at LoneStar recently...
I really like both of those.

 On a still different note, I put up this picture on Facebook yesterday for ThrowBackThursday...
That's my twin Peggy, with Cap (her son), Will (my son) and Elizabeth (her daughter).
I like that picture on many levels,
but what I liked about it yesterday...
was that Facebook wanted to know if I wanted to tag myself!

Sooooo....  I do look like Peggy!

Ah, but there are some pictures that definitely show our differences.
This next one is the most striking...
 As I recall, Mother had our pictures made, and picked one that showed us looking alike.
Then our grandmother was walking down Jefferson in Oak Cliff in Dallas one day not long after,
 and saw this one in the window of the photographer's store.
She bought it, and that's how we have it.

I think we barely look related in that picture.

I've been going through old pictures, deciding which ones to put in my Peggy-book,
and well, that means I'm closing in on finishing the book.

Every once in a while I'll think, "What have I gotten myself into?"
This is heavy stuff, reliving her cancer and death.

Ah, but it's wonderful really - the whole story, albeit very sad sometimes.

I'm so glad she was my twin.

And I ALWAYS think of myself as a twin...
which is one of my favorite things in life - being a twin to Peggy.

I better go, before my mascara starts to run.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What do I like most about Chuck E. Cheese's???

Well, there's lots to like.
I had forgotten how much.  

See if you can tell what I like the most by looking at these pictures.
(I'm not counting liking Nell being there the most.  That's a given.)

Here we go...

Nell is looking intent in many of these pictures.
But she didn't want to quit playing several of those 'games'.
(That means that just because she isn't smiling doesn't mean she isn't having a ball.)

the result..

and here's the routine with mommy...
and the result...

Did you figure it out?!

It's that photo-making machine - that kinda makes the photo into a drawing.

(I probably wouldn't choose that machine if strangers were 'playing' it.)

Of course the food is good, too...

Yes. I like Chuck E. Cheese's.
And I think the prices are pretty reasonable for what you get.

Count me in for next time!
Oh yes.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Things are happening!!!

 For one thing it's freezing outside!!

Here are other things that are happening....

My sister-in-law is coaching a basketball team!  Her son's!!!
That's Lorie in the black,
and that's Mac in the back row with the little girl looking up to him.

Lorie played basketball in high school and college. 
Wow. I can't imagine doing that.
I'm so glad she's still using those skills!

And here she is with her grandson Sawyer...
Who is 5 today!!!


And here's Sawyer sword-fighting with his Uncle Mac...
(They didn't break anything.)

This all happened almost two weeks ago, in Oklahoma City.

Here are Mac's mom, and Sawyer's mom, Caroline...

While they were cleaning the kitchen, these guys were solving the world's problems...

Here they were earlier...
That's Rob, Sam and Steve

The next day Delia and her brother Sawyer came to the bank break room for a fun break...
They definitely livened things up in that break room!

In other (totally different) news, my nephew-in-law is running for office!!!
He's running for Southlake City Council.
I think that may be the most beautiful family in Southlake.
(Well, without a doubt.)

I may have to move to Southlake,
so I can vote.

Oh and John's wife (my niece Elizabeth) has a birthday today, too!!!!!!

Here she is with her youngest, Anna... 


In other news, I am actually working on finishing my Peggy-book!!
(That's the book I've been working on and off for, well, years.)
(It's about being a twin to wonderful Peggy,
and then losing her to cancer more than twenty-five years ago.)

Yes, I am in the final finishing part...
and will get with Mother this week
to verify some things
and get it DONE!!!

Oh yes.
(Don't hold your breath...
It takes a while to get anything actually published.)
But. I. Am. Determined. 

So those things are happening.

And more.


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Fourth (and I think last) post on our Portland trip...

[This is my fourth post about being in Portland with Laura and Ryan. You can click HERE for the first post titled "On the Oregon Trail", HERE for the second post titled "Moregon Oregon" and HERE for the third one titled "Besides hiking, here's what Laura and Ryan do".

I'm having trouble deciding on a title for this post. 

I want to tell you a lot... but I need to not take the time, as I have things to do and places to go.

So here we go, as succinctly as possible:
(You will see that I ended up not being 'succinct' - well, I was too excited about this post.)

Last Sunday evening we went with Laura and Ryan to their church service. 
And it was great.  Super.

 It's A Jesus Church in Portland.  There are three locations - with three different teaching pastors and Laura and Ryan go to the downtown location, called Bridgetown.
Click HERE for the Bridgetown's website.

They meet for weekly services on Sunday's at five o'clock at the First Baptist Church of Portland.
Here are some pics...
Their praise and worship set was good.
Everybody in the whole room was singing.
(Well, I was mainly listening.)

Here's the preacher preaching...
He is John Mark Comer and he is an amazing communicator.
You can click HERE for his website.
Before the service Laura worked in the 'book store', which is also called a 'table'.
Of course I had to get a picture...
They were selling some good books. Sam was pleased to see that. 

The most important part of the church are their community groups. Laura and Ryan belong to one that has about 20 folks of all ages in it. Once a week they meet in a home, share a meal, then have Bible Study and prayer time (something like that).
I met some of the members of their group Sunday evening... and was impressed.  One of them, a man of about 50, thanked me for bringing Laura into the world.... because she such a special young lady.  Of course, that makes me smile just typing this.

So we were definitely impressed with the Bridgetown Jesus Church.   Really.
And it was so inspiring to see all those folks in that auditorium.  Why, they had to add chairs to a side area for more folks. (Ryan is on the team that adds chairs.)
Oh, and they have 2 services on Sunday evening. One at 5 - and the next one at 7.  They're identical services... and when were leaving our service we saw a big crowd waiting to come in for the second service.
We were inspired.
On a different note, the next morning we went to Multnomah Falls, which is supposed to be the number two attraction in Oregon.  (Number one is a casino!)  (We didn't go to the casino.)
Here are some pics I took.
You have to go there to see for yourself how beautiful it is.
And wear good walking shoes (which we did)!

I'll close this post with a picture of Laura and Ryan's house they're renting...

And here's a picture of Laura at her computer...
I'm so glad I get to picture her there in her new surroundings...
 but I didn't like saying goodbye.

So I will plan on saying a personal  'Hello' before long!

Here's a quote I like...

It's true.
Have a good weekend!!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Besides hiking, here's what Laura and Ryan do....

But first there's hiking pictures (from Facebook) I couldn't resist sharing...

Here's Ryan with Akon on a long hike...

And Laura with Olive and Akon...
(I'm glad they didn't take us there.)

[This is the third in a series of posts about Sam's and my recent trip to Portland. Click HERE for the first post, and HERE for the second post... and stay here for this post.]

Our daughter Laura and her husband Ryan moved to Portland, Oregon the first week of December 2014.  They had visited friends in Oregon a few years ago, and thought, "Whoa. This would be a great place to live."
Long story short, Ryan got a great job there as a nurse practitioner, and then Laura got a job (jobs, actually) after they moved there.

And we had to go check it all out.

These next three pictures do not show you Ryan 'doing' his job, but they show you a bit of where he works.

Here's where he comes into the back door of his clinic,
which is Scholl's Family Care Clinic.
[Click HERE to go to their website.]

Here is his office...
Of course he's not in his NP attire here, as he was getting ready to take us sightseeing,
but you 'get the picture'.

Here he is in the hallway....
He's pointing to this...
Ryan was reluctant to show us his workplace because he thought it was just, well, a regular clinic.
Ah, but though we didn't get to see much of it... we insisted on seeing it, as it is no 'regular clinic':  Ryan works there!!!

If a patient is in a room with him, or waiting for him, he (or a nurse) extends the bottom tab, so everyone knows. 
I think 'Maxwell' is the most dignified name,
but then I'm prejudiced..
We also saw one of the places where Laura works.
Well, Laura's 'works' are displayed and sold here (behind her),
and she works one day a week here.
 I didn't actually take her picture inside the Art Coop, but I wish I had.

Here is some of her art on display...

She also has notecards on sale there, with her art on the front.
(She had to go in front of a 'jury', to present her art, and tell of her background,
in order to be in the shop/museum.  They accepted her and her art right away.)

 She also teaches in an after-school art program called Young Rembrandts
She goes to at least two schools.

As I understand it, there are Young Rembrandt programs across the U.S.,
so you can check one out near you! 

Here are just two pictures from the YR organization that I like...

That made me smile/scream.

I was also going to tell you about their church in this post.

That will have to wait:
1) I'm too tired.
2) I don't like long blog posts
and thought maybe you don't either
(though this is pretty long).

So stay tuned....

We went to church,
we went to the biggest tourist attraction in Oregon
(well, if you don't count a casino - ha!).


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