Thursday, February 19, 2015

Besides hiking, here's what Laura and Ryan do....

But first there's hiking pictures (from Facebook) I couldn't resist sharing...

Here's Ryan with Akon on a long hike...

And Laura with Olive and Akon...
(I'm glad they didn't take us there.)

[This is the third in a series of posts about Sam's and my recent trip to Portland. Click HERE for the first post, and HERE for the second post... and stay here for this post.]

Our daughter Laura and her husband Ryan moved to Portland, Oregon the first week of December 2014.  They had visited friends in Oregon a few years ago, and thought, "Whoa. This would be a great place to live."
Long story short, Ryan got a great job there as a nurse practitioner, and then Laura got a job (jobs, actually) after they moved there.

And we had to go check it all out.

These next three pictures do not show you Ryan 'doing' his job, but they show you a bit of where he works.

Here's where he comes into the back door of his clinic,
which is Scholl's Family Care Clinic.
[Click HERE to go to their website.]

Here is his office...
Of course he's not in his NP attire here, as he was getting ready to take us sightseeing,
but you 'get the picture'.

Here he is in the hallway....
He's pointing to this...
Ryan was reluctant to show us his workplace because he thought it was just, well, a regular clinic.
Ah, but though we didn't get to see much of it... we insisted on seeing it, as it is no 'regular clinic':  Ryan works there!!!

If a patient is in a room with him, or waiting for him, he (or a nurse) extends the bottom tab, so everyone knows. 
I think 'Maxwell' is the most dignified name,
but then I'm prejudiced..
We also saw one of the places where Laura works.
Well, Laura's 'works' are displayed and sold here (behind her),
and she works one day a week here.
 I didn't actually take her picture inside the Art Coop, but I wish I had.

Here is some of her art on display...

She also has notecards on sale there, with her art on the front.
(She had to go in front of a 'jury', to present her art, and tell of her background,
in order to be in the shop/museum.  They accepted her and her art right away.)

 She also teaches in an after-school art program called Young Rembrandts
She goes to at least two schools.

As I understand it, there are Young Rembrandt programs across the U.S.,
so you can check one out near you! 

Here are just two pictures from the YR organization that I like...

That made me smile/scream.

I was also going to tell you about their church in this post.

That will have to wait:
1) I'm too tired.
2) I don't like long blog posts
and thought maybe you don't either
(though this is pretty long).

So stay tuned....

We went to church,
we went to the biggest tourist attraction in Oregon
(well, if you don't count a casino - ha!).


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