Saturday, February 21, 2015

Fourth (and I think last) post on our Portland trip...

[This is my fourth post about being in Portland with Laura and Ryan. You can click HERE for the first post titled "On the Oregon Trail", HERE for the second post titled "Moregon Oregon" and HERE for the third one titled "Besides hiking, here's what Laura and Ryan do".

I'm having trouble deciding on a title for this post. 

I want to tell you a lot... but I need to not take the time, as I have things to do and places to go.

So here we go, as succinctly as possible:
(You will see that I ended up not being 'succinct' - well, I was too excited about this post.)

Last Sunday evening we went with Laura and Ryan to their church service. 
And it was great.  Super.

 It's A Jesus Church in Portland.  There are three locations - with three different teaching pastors and Laura and Ryan go to the downtown location, called Bridgetown.
Click HERE for the Bridgetown's website.

They meet for weekly services on Sunday's at five o'clock at the First Baptist Church of Portland.
Here are some pics...
Their praise and worship set was good.
Everybody in the whole room was singing.
(Well, I was mainly listening.)

Here's the preacher preaching...
He is John Mark Comer and he is an amazing communicator.
You can click HERE for his website.
Before the service Laura worked in the 'book store', which is also called a 'table'.
Of course I had to get a picture...
They were selling some good books. Sam was pleased to see that. 

The most important part of the church are their community groups. Laura and Ryan belong to one that has about 20 folks of all ages in it. Once a week they meet in a home, share a meal, then have Bible Study and prayer time (something like that).
I met some of the members of their group Sunday evening... and was impressed.  One of them, a man of about 50, thanked me for bringing Laura into the world.... because she such a special young lady.  Of course, that makes me smile just typing this.

So we were definitely impressed with the Bridgetown Jesus Church.   Really.
And it was so inspiring to see all those folks in that auditorium.  Why, they had to add chairs to a side area for more folks. (Ryan is on the team that adds chairs.)
Oh, and they have 2 services on Sunday evening. One at 5 - and the next one at 7.  They're identical services... and when were leaving our service we saw a big crowd waiting to come in for the second service.
We were inspired.
On a different note, the next morning we went to Multnomah Falls, which is supposed to be the number two attraction in Oregon.  (Number one is a casino!)  (We didn't go to the casino.)
Here are some pics I took.
You have to go there to see for yourself how beautiful it is.
And wear good walking shoes (which we did)!

I'll close this post with a picture of Laura and Ryan's house they're renting...

And here's a picture of Laura at her computer...
I'm so glad I get to picture her there in her new surroundings...
 but I didn't like saying goodbye.

So I will plan on saying a personal  'Hello' before long!

Here's a quote I like...

It's true.
Have a good weekend!!


Being Beth said...

I have so enjoyed these posts about L&R. I haven't seen Meredith in over a year, but she'll be home for a visit in 4 weeks, and I can't wait. I can't remember if I told you…she and Ryan are engaged! So, we'll be planning a smallish wedding while she is here (if weddings are ever small). I'm so excited to give her a years worth of hugs and kisses. So glad you got to make the trip. They seem to have found the place that resonates with their souls and are thriving. Praise God!

Nancy said...

Beth, I can't believe you haven't seen Meredith in over a year! WHOA!

And yes, you DID tell me that she and Ryan are engaged! How exciting.

And yes, our Ryan and our Laura do seem to have found a good place for them!!