Monday, February 9, 2015

Grammys and Birthdays...

I don't know who Beck is.
Or Sam Smith.

I didn't watch the Grammys.
(Ah, but, I AM a Grammy, so there's that.)
(But not to these people...

I do know 2 of those folks' names.
(I wanted to put up a picture of some of the ladies,
but I've made a promise to myself
to not put provocative pictures on this blog.)
(My Google search of Grammys 2015 pictures revealed some pretty risque stuff.)
(I am my Grandmother Jennie, after all.)

I am definitely 'out-of-it' when it comes to what's 'in' - if 'in' is still 'in'.

But it's not bothering me. 

My Grandmother Jennie didn't know all the new music when I was in high school.
And she didn't care, I don't think.

So I'm not caring. 

I'll just keep playing "Moon River" and "Tumblin' Tumbleweeds"  in the tea room.


On a completely different note, today is the birthday of two special folks in my life....

My mom.....
That's us a few years ago.

And here she is with her oldest great grandchild a few years ago...
(I love that picture.)

And our nephew John...
That's him near McClane Stadium last fall.
I blogged about that stadium in my last POST.

In that above picture you can't see his beautiful eyes.
But you can in this next picture....
And you can see that he is a fun guy. :)
(That's him with his brother, Mac.)


Oh, and here's a Valentine for today...


sara [at] journey of doing said...

I didn't watch the Grammy show either. I did look up Taylor Swift's dress and shoes after someone mentioned them on FB. I think you are the best kind of Grammy. :)

laura said...

i don't know all the latest music either.. and I didn't watch the grammies (and maybe i didn't even know they were going on...)

see ya soon!

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