Friday, February 13, 2015

I REPEAT... I DO!!!!!

Last year at this time I re-blogged a post from 2011, when I asked my blog readers to give advice to newlyweds.  I'm copying and pasting from last year's post which was from 2011's post.
I think the advice is timeless.
Here it is.
(With some random cartoons I like - that I've added this year (2015).)

Be sure you're in it together. By it, I mean life. You're a team and together you take on the world.

Never, ever make fun of your spouse in public. Even if you are just teasing.
Don't fight. Negotiate.

Laugh a lot.

On those days when maybe you don't "like" each other so much, take time to remember what it is you LOVE about your spouse and TELL THEM.

Never nag.

Pray for your spouse often. At the very least once a day. Pray for his/her health, safety, well-being, job performance, happiness, faith, etc.

Don't make your Facebook status a criticism of your spouse.

Don't go to bed mad - if possible.

Don't flirt with anybody but your spouse.

Let criticism BE GONE!!!

Don't keep secrets.

Look nice at home.

Learn each other's Love Language and "speak" it often.

Show each other respect.


Don't hold grudges.


Don't take yourself too seriously.

Relax together.

Be intimate.

Intentionally set aside time to be together.

Don't think that marriage is a 50/50 partnership. Its 100/100. Even if you feel like your spouse isn't measuring up all the time.

Show a genuine interest and appreciation for your spouse's hobbies and make time to take part in them.

Travel the world and see new places together.

Cook dinner as a couple.

Give random gifts for no reason at all.

When your spouse isn't making sense to you, try with all your might to see it from their perspective. Remember men and women quite often do not process or see things the same way.

Trust is giant.

Love trumps everything.

Do not go to bed mad at each other.

It's okay to agree to disagree.

Pray together. The strength you two will feel as sit in God's hands together is awesome and will flow through everything you do.

Read HIS NEEDS HER NEEDS by Willard Harley
Don’t expect your spouse to meet all your emotional needs. That’s so not fair to your spouse.

Seek to love your spouse unconditionally.

Always kiss goodbye.

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