Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Moregon Oregon...

That is my translation of "More in Oregon".
(I started telling of our Portland trip in my last POST.)

Here are some out-of-the-box 'views' we saw in Portland proper (as opposed to outside Portland, where we also went)....
That's a mail box.

That's the garage to that house.

That's just one of many of those vans we saw.
Here is an interesting intersection...

Here we are walking away from there...
... but I stayed behind to take these next three pictures...

Those were just a few of the interesting sites we saw inside the city

We also ate some interesting - DELICIOUS - food in the city.

 Here's Ryan waiting to order at Pine State Biscuits.
The fellow behind him is carefully making the crust to a chicken pot pie.

Here's what Sam ordered...
It's called the Reggie Deluxe.
He said it was wonderful.
(Well, we all were moaning in delight at the deliciousness of our delights.)

Another meal was eaten at Laughing Planet...

I tried to get the 'feel' of the place in that picture.
(But you really would have had to have been there to get it (the feeling).)

They have little dinosaurs on the tables... and they give them baths throughout the day,
so that people don't get germs from other dinosaur-holders.

Here's my mug...

and here's the other side of my mug...

 Ryan ordered a burrito at Laughing Planet.
He knew how to eat it because of the instructions on the table...
(Evidently Oregonians need instructions.)

Later that day, we had a hankering for some donuts.
And not just ANY donuts.
First let me say that Portland is known for its VOO DOO DONUTS.
(At the airport this morning we saw a family with a box of them.)
Ah, but Laura and Ryan knew of a better donut place!!!

 Oh. my. goodness.

Their website said they couldn't ship donuts to us.
That is a good thing.

Otherwise we'd have to sign up for THE BIGGEST LOSER on TV.
Well, this post was mainly fun and yum.

My next post will be on work and worship...
and where Laura and Ryan do both.

It should be a great post, because of where they work and worship.

Stay tuned!!


Laura said...

so much yum and fun this weekend!

Ryan Maxwell said...

Thanks for documenting the great times we had this weekend. It's fun to remember :)

Sara Elizabeth said...

Those donuts do look good! I've been craving them for awhile!! It looks like spring in Portland!! Can you imagine walking all those stairs everytime you leave/come home?! You'd have nice legs though...

Vicki Maxwell said...

Thanks Nancy, for sharing! So looking forward to our future visit😊 Sissy is next! I can see fun times await😃