Friday, February 27, 2015

My Favorite Things...

Besides whiskers on kittens...
I like that Elizabeth came to see Nell and me yesterday morning!...
(Nell smiled right after that picture was taken.)
By the way, here's a gift Elizabeth gave me at Christmas that I adore...
(I wonder if there is a plaque out there that says the same thing about nieces?)

I digress.

Elizabeth, Nell and I had a late breakfast treat together...
... White chocolate apricot muffins from Market Street.
They were Oh-My-Goodness-Yum, especially with hot coffee.

Then later little Nell got sleepy (she didn't have the coffee)... 
and I loved her napping with me. (I actually didn't nap.)
Bailey took that picture... and posted it on FB - and it's getting lots of 'likes'!!
I love it.

I can remember my own daughter sleeping like that with me.

Speaking of my own daughter, here's a recent picture of us in Oregon... 
I love that picture.
And her.

Speaking of Oregon, here are two totally different pictures I like that I took from the plane on the way home....
Look closely: There are four snow-covered mountain tops in view. I think the one on the far left is Mount St. Helens, then there's Mount Hood and Mount Ranier (not sure which is which) and the mountain in the foreground is I-don't-know-what.
Anyway, I thought that was a great picture.

This next picture is really close to home...
That's the Cowboy (AT&T) Stadium in the upper left
and the Ball Park at Arlington (also called (I think) Globe Life Park in Arlington) in kind of the middle.
The AT&T Stadium is about 20 minutes from our house...
so you can tell we were close to home.
On a different note, and along the theme of 'Favorite Things'...
Here are these 2 signs I saw at LoneStar recently...
I really like both of those.

 On a still different note, I put up this picture on Facebook yesterday for ThrowBackThursday...
That's my twin Peggy, with Cap (her son), Will (my son) and Elizabeth (her daughter).
I like that picture on many levels,
but what I liked about it yesterday...
was that Facebook wanted to know if I wanted to tag myself!

Sooooo....  I do look like Peggy!

Ah, but there are some pictures that definitely show our differences.
This next one is the most striking...
 As I recall, Mother had our pictures made, and picked one that showed us looking alike.
Then our grandmother was walking down Jefferson in Oak Cliff in Dallas one day not long after,
 and saw this one in the window of the photographer's store.
She bought it, and that's how we have it.

I think we barely look related in that picture.

I've been going through old pictures, deciding which ones to put in my Peggy-book,
and well, that means I'm closing in on finishing the book.

Every once in a while I'll think, "What have I gotten myself into?"
This is heavy stuff, reliving her cancer and death.

Ah, but it's wonderful really - the whole story, albeit very sad sometimes.

I'm so glad she was my twin.

And I ALWAYS think of myself as a twin...
which is one of my favorite things in life - being a twin to Peggy.

I better go, before my mascara starts to run.


Laura said...

so many great pictures! i think that's Mt. Hood in the foreground, because I think I can see the Columbia River Gorge in there, and the foreground mountain is south of it--on the Oregon side. Glad you had such clear skies to see so much! And I don't know if I would so far as to say you two barely look related in that picture... you just don't look EXACTLY alike, still similar (and Peggy does look a lot like Anna!)

Nancy said...

Thanks for the clarification on that mountain, Laura. That makes sense.
And yes, I do think Peggy looks a lot like Anna. I've always thought that. (which is a great thought)