Monday, February 23, 2015

Things are happening!!!

 For one thing it's freezing outside!!

Here are other things that are happening....

My sister-in-law is coaching a basketball team!  Her son's!!!
That's Lorie in the black,
and that's Mac in the back row with the little girl looking up to him.

Lorie played basketball in high school and college. 
Wow. I can't imagine doing that.
I'm so glad she's still using those skills!

And here she is with her grandson Sawyer...
Who is 5 today!!!


And here's Sawyer sword-fighting with his Uncle Mac...
(They didn't break anything.)

This all happened almost two weeks ago, in Oklahoma City.

Here are Mac's mom, and Sawyer's mom, Caroline...

While they were cleaning the kitchen, these guys were solving the world's problems...

Here they were earlier...
That's Rob, Sam and Steve

The next day Delia and her brother Sawyer came to the bank break room for a fun break...
They definitely livened things up in that break room!

In other (totally different) news, my nephew-in-law is running for office!!!
He's running for Southlake City Council.
I think that may be the most beautiful family in Southlake.
(Well, without a doubt.)

I may have to move to Southlake,
so I can vote.

Oh and John's wife (my niece Elizabeth) has a birthday today, too!!!!!!

Here she is with her youngest, Anna... 


In other news, I am actually working on finishing my Peggy-book!!
(That's the book I've been working on and off for, well, years.)
(It's about being a twin to wonderful Peggy,
and then losing her to cancer more than twenty-five years ago.)

Yes, I am in the final finishing part...
and will get with Mother this week
to verify some things
and get it DONE!!!

Oh yes.
(Don't hold your breath...
It takes a while to get anything actually published.)
But. I. Am. Determined. 

So those things are happening.

And more.


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laura said...

lots of exciting things! that's neat about lorie coaching basketball.