Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What do I like most about Chuck E. Cheese's???

Well, there's lots to like.
I had forgotten how much.  

See if you can tell what I like the most by looking at these pictures.
(I'm not counting liking Nell being there the most.  That's a given.)

Here we go...

Nell is looking intent in many of these pictures.
But she didn't want to quit playing several of those 'games'.
(That means that just because she isn't smiling doesn't mean she isn't having a ball.)

the result..

and here's the routine with mommy...
and the result...

Did you figure it out?!

It's that photo-making machine - that kinda makes the photo into a drawing.

(I probably wouldn't choose that machine if strangers were 'playing' it.)

Of course the food is good, too...

Yes. I like Chuck E. Cheese's.
And I think the prices are pretty reasonable for what you get.

Count me in for next time!
Oh yes.

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