Monday, March 16, 2015

Even MORE Favorite Things!

Sharing my favorite things is good for my soul.
And certainly THINKING about them is good for my soul.

Here's a book I like...
Of course it's not the kind of book you'd sit down and read (well, you could)... 
but it is the kind of book you would USE... with friends and family.

I randomly opened it to this page...
It's filled with those kinds of random questions that help you get to know each other ...
... and yourself.

I like it.

Here's a book I just finished reading that I REALLY liked ...
Some people might not like Donald Miller.

I found a church sign awhile back that might fit people
who might not like to read Miller's books...

Anyway, Miller's books are refreshing to me.

His first book, BLUE LIKE JAZZ, was extremely refreshing to me.
His other books are good, too.

Some other favorite things of mine lately include this picture....
That's my granddaughter and I wearing some St. Patrick's Day hats at Mother's place the other night.
Here's a favorite message to myself I like...
That's a big chalkboard mug Cap gave me a few years ago.
I keep it in the kitchen with good messages I write to myself.
Those messages really help.
(That message I got from JESUS CALLING.
It's a simple message but I hadn't thought of it myself -
well, in those exact words.)

A favorite thing I'm DOING lately...
is working with my mother on my 'Peggy-book'.
We're going over memories and dates so I get them right - 
for the book I'm trying to finish about my twin and her death from cancer in 1989.

I know: 1989 is a long time ago.
Instead of 'moving on' I wanted to write about it- 
and have found it a great thing to do.
And waiting this long to write it is good.
(I have perspective...and am enjoying the good memories.)

I had wondered how it would be working with my mother on it...
I didn't want it to distress her (or me) to work on it together.
Ah, but it is super.

That's all I say about it for now.

I'll close with a cute cartoon I happened to see today - 
when I wasn't even looking for a cartoon!!!

 I love that.

Peggy would love it, too!!

Oh, here's Peggy's youngest granddaughter, Anna,
(who is one of my favorite people),
who started back taking swimming lessons today...
Yes!  It's that time of year!
(Well, for indoor swimming.)

Spring becomes official in just a few days!!!

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