Monday, March 2, 2015

Everybody has an opinion.... including me.

I used to like Daylight Savings Time.  I've changed my mind on that.
I don't like changing our clocks two times a year.
It's bad for children and pets and most every adult's inner clock.

(Don't forget to change your clocks this coming weekend.)

I really liked last night's DOWNTON ABBEY season finale.

I did like Lady Gaga's singing of the "The Sound of Music" at the Oscars.
I find it hard to believe that THE SOUND OF MUSIC is fifty years old. 

Here's Lady Gaga with Julie Andrews...
This begs the question: Should I get a tattoo?
On a more serious note...
I don't like it when friends' marriages dissolve.
("Dissolve" is the wrong word.)
(I can't think of another.)

Pat Conroy said, "Each divorce is the death of a small civilization.
I think that's true.
Well, unless the marriage was so not a civilized civilization.

And I do believe that some divorces need to happen.
I mean it's the lesser of two evils - in some rare cases.
(Yes, I said that.)

But I don't like divorce.

Everyone is affected.
Even people on the periphery - like me.

And I don't 'feel' for the divorced
as much as I feel for the children.
Even if they're adult children.

(And yes, marriage is hard.)
(But don't quit, unless you have a REALLY good reason.)

Well, I will quit that subject.
 Here's a subject I do like:
My little granddaughter is back on schedule -
with me 3 days a week, 5 hours a day!

Her mother is going back to work today,
teaching British Literature for college credit
at Trinity High School.

That sounds impressive... because it IS!!

Here she is at the door she went through
to study British Literature at the University of Glasgow in Scotland!

That was in the fall of 2012, as I recall.

Wow time flies.

Here's someone I really like/love...
That's my granddog, Olive.

She's enjoying living in Oregon and hiking all around.

Here she was as a puppy...
That's before she knew what life had in store for her!

I know there's more to tell you about what I like and don't like.
(I'm filled with opinions.)

Well, I do like...
It means spring is coming! 

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