Thursday, March 12, 2015

March Merry.....

Here's the top of my calendar for March...
I really like its wisdom.
Oh, I heard that this week is Mother/Daughter week!
Well, why not?
I'll take it every week!
 To commemorate, here's a throwbackThursday pic celebrating the week.
We're with LegoMan (or LegoSam?)!!
(at Downtown Disney Pleasure Island in Orlando years ago.)
(And the little dog on Laura's back is her backpack!)
Last night Will, Bailey, Nell, Sam and I went to Mother's for some pizza.
Here she is on her front porch, all decorated for March!

That's Nell and her Mommy and Nana after we ate the pizza.

Little Nell is very inquisitive.
She likes to point and say/ask (something like) "What's that?"

I don't think she was pointing at this, but I really like it....
(That's right above Mother's television.)
It's a racoon in a tree that Mother painted years ago.
And it's the ONE DAY AT A TIME sign I gave Mother and Daddy years ago.
(The song "One Day at a Time" was one of Daddy's favorites.)
(Well, we all need its message.)

Here it is on YouTube sung by the lady who made it famous years ago....


Well, here is another pic I took of things I like this March....
(These are smaller than they appear.)
In the foreground is Loch Ness "Nessie" that Bailey gave me from Scotland.
And behind Nessie is an elephant Will gave me years ago that I think he got at the Earthbound store.
If you look closely there is a little elephant INSIDE the big elephant.

Those two things don't necessarily 'go together', but I like them together.

When you have a blog, anything and everything is possible 'blog material'.

In closing, I'll show you a cartoon I found
that explains the difference between a dog and a cat.

Have a great rest-of-the-week.

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laura said...

happy mother daughter week! like that picture of you and me and Daddy ;).

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