Thursday, March 19, 2015

Robin was Rockin' !!!!

Robin is Bailey's mom!!!  (Bailey is my daughter-in-law - so we're all related, I'm proud to say.)
Tuesday night (St. Patrick's Day (night)), Robin and her band, Steppin' Out,
were making everybody happy, and tapping their feet at Central Market in Southlake!

Here was (were) some of the crowd...

You can see Nell's cousin, Luca, getting a nap in, during the show.

Here's Luca's little sister, with their dad, A.J....

And here's A.J. with his wife, Jessica (Bailey's sister), and their children in the background....
That's a beautiful family, isn't it?

Here's the star of the show, Robin, with two of her daughters, and her youngest granddaughter...
I know what you're thinking: Robin looks too young to be a grandmother!!!

Bailey's oldest sister, Shea, and her family got there later
since Camryn (the oldest of Robin's grandchildren)
had Tae Kwon Do lessons. 
(Uh, Camryn needs to try some Tae Kwon Do out on her Uncle Will.
He used be pretty proficient, as I recall!)

In closing, here's a promotional demo of Robin and her band....

This Friday night (as in TOMORROW NIGHT!!) March 20th,
they're performing at Pops Safari in Fort Worth from 8-12 midnight!!!

You will be wowed!!!!

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