Sunday, March 8, 2015

Snow melts ... and time changes.

Snow melts.
So people are out and about.

I think half of the metroplex wanted to eat in the LoneStar Antique Mall tea room yesterday.  Some left after a while of waiting for a table.  Others just waited and waited.... while watching others sit at tables talking and talking, long after eating. 

I thought about playing some really bad notes, to get people out of there.

Or I could have played a really loud version of "ChopSticks".
I happened to find it on YouTube, in case you don't know (or forgot) how it goes (it's just 42 seconds long)....

I don't think that song is conducive to good food digestion.

Anyway, I should have detached mentally from some of those ladies.
They kept wanting refills on their drinks, long after they were finished eating. And they had other demands of our worn-out wait staff.

I hope those ladies left big tips.

On a different note, everybody is going around with one hour less of sleep today.

Sam heard on the news that Daylight Savings Time is bad for folks: there are 17% more car accidents the Monday after the spring time change and there are 25% more heart attacks the Monday after the spring time change.   
Be careful.

You can click HERE for a good article on there being no proof that Daylight Savings Time saves on electricity (which is the reason it got started, evidently).

Here are two cartoons I like on Daylight Savings Time...


In closing, here's a quote I really like on time in general...

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Sara Elizabeth said...

Oy. I hope they left good tips, too. I feel like people were pretty grumpy with the snow. I had some bad experiences that left me wondering why everyone was so grumpy. In other news, DT doesn't do much for me... except it did make me feel quiet lazy because it was so "late" when I woke up. I've been taking care of a sick husband for the past few nights though, so I guess that I needed the sleep, even if it wasn't "real"? I'll tell myself that anyway... HAH!