Sunday, March 29, 2015

Some marvelously wonderful people ... starting with Daddy-Bob ...

I have some pictures to show you. And the first one is VERY special...

This past week we got this photograph from days gone by....  as in maybe 1929....
That's my father-in-law, Robert S. Carmack,
when he was sixteen, and evidently in Texas! 
(He was an Okie.)

We got the picture from Zena.... the granddaughter of Bob's childhood friend, Floyd ...
Here is Zena with me, on Wednesday....
Zena came to a meeting Wednesday.
She said she was going through some boxes and found that picture of Daddy Bob.
We were thrilled!

That picture of Daddy Bob
was shared with the group Wednesday...
And we shared memories of him as a very special man, full of integrity.
and a wonderful example to us all.

If you look back at that picture of Zena and me you can see I'm wearing a Legacy Bank shirt.
(Our Legacy Bank in Oklahoma is not to be confused with Legacy Texas Bank.) 

Here I'm wearing another Legacy shirt (the day before)...
Minnalee, was wearing a similar shirt, so I had to get a picture, of course.
By the way, Minnalee was Daddy Bob's 'sargeant' (that's how Sam put it).
She was in charge of operations - for years at Legacy.
Now she's on the board of directors,
so we get to visit every month,
and wear our Legacy shirts.

Here I am with Sam with his Legacy shirt...
 For a while we had shirts that had the logo put on the shirts as the same color as the shirt.
Well, that didn't last long.
(You can see how my shirt broadcasts Legacy better!)
(My sister-in-law Pat made that green necklace years ago...
I still love it, Pat!)

On a different note, our granddaughter got to ride a pony today!!
At Bear Valley church they had a Spring Fling today...
and that's where she rode the pony.
When it was time to get off, she did NOT want to dismount!

(If my Daddy were alive he would be ordering a pony right about now.)


On a different note, our daughter and her sister-in-law got to spend some time together recently.
That's Laura and Victoria...
Aren't they two beautiful young ladies??
(I love that picture. ... and them.)

Well, I could show you more,
but it's Sunday afternoon,
and well, a nap is calling.
(Sometimes I answer, sometimes I don't.)

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laura said...

love all those pictures! especially that one of Daddy Bob

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