Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Two trucks, a Zapcar ... and Hillary Clinton...

Last week I looked out the window of the front door and saw two trucks...
Well, I didn't know I saw two trucks until I looked at the picture I'd taken.

I call that 'randomly serendipitous'.

(It was icy out there, and I guess that truck was an 'ice truck'.)

I saw a ZAPCAR the other day in the TARGET parking lot.
I had never heard of a ZAPCAR before.

You can click HERE for the Wikipedia entry on the ZAP Motor Company (as I did).

Lately Hillary Clinton has made news - with her private emails -
and with her donations from some countries that, well, are anything but democratic.

Yes, I believe her husband did some major good as President.
He was able to cross party lines.
Do you know of any married couple
in the whole wide world
like the Clintons?
They have gotten 'passes' on incredible 'stuff', including lies, and shenanigans.

Name me one other couple - in the whole wide world -
EVER ...
that has gotten away with lies, and charm, and ... shenanigans.

I do believe that the media gives (give) them a pass.

I want to be redemptive on this post, and on my blog in general.
I want to be upbeat.

But the Clintons are a mystery to me.

How they can be in the news, and for sure, on top of the news,
is a definite mystery to me.

In my humble opinion (imho) I marvel at their appeal.

Oh, Bill is charismatic.

Will she reach out to the other party?
Not so sure.

And YES, I want a woman president someday!
(Should I run?)

Hillary Clinton?
I. am. not. so. sure.

(This cartoon was in today's U.S. NEWS AND WORLD REPORT.)


In other news,
here is a cartoon I like - that might relate...


Have a good rest-of-the-week.

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sara [at] journey of doing said...

You should run!! I feel you on HRC for sure!!! Not a fan. I don't like many things about them both. She is worrisome For me though!

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