Sunday, March 22, 2015

What am I REALLY good at?


But I'm getting worse at it!

I used to could think about stuff till my brain was absolutely totally exhausted.
And that was not a good thing.

(Is that bad grammar in that sentence-before-last? Well, I won't overthink it)

In today's devotional in JESUS CALLING, Sarah Young says,
"Rather than planning and evaluating, practice trusting and thanking Me continually. 
This is the paradigm shift that will revolutionize your life."


Trusting and thanking God continually
is the way to live a wonderfully peaceful life!
(Sometimes I just have to be reminded of that...
like today's reading thankfully did.)

When I did a Google search on 'over-thinking' I found these 'posters' and cartoons...

That statement used to fit me so well.

And here's this song that I love... 
It always helps me quit over-thinking.


Laura said...

I like that cartoon in the middle, about stressing over made-up scenarios. I heard someone say once that anxiety is imagining a future without God--where we have to figure it all out on our own and control everything. In reality there is a God who is in control and all we have to do is trust and take it one day at a time

Nancy said...

Great comment, Laura!!

My hometown...

I am thinking of my hometown now. Mission, Texas. And McAllen, Texas. And Mercedes, Texas, where I was born. And Donna, Texas, so near there...