Thursday, April 9, 2015


Our life is changing.

We've sold our house!!
(Well, it's under contract... and it's looking pretty sold.)
No, that's not our house, but it's how I feel about our house.
And I'm letting those two dogs represent Shiloh and Marco (RIP).

Yes, our house is under contract: the big house on the cul-de-sac... that has hosted family reunions, and birthday parties, youth group events and slumber parties, and bridal showers, and even a wedding, and a rehearsal dinner, and family suppers/dinners, and tons of fun.

Yes, we're selling That House.  (Closing is May 1st.)
And that pool.
And that studio above the garage.
And that theater with the Murphy bed that David and Nathaniel liked sleeping on.....
And that cul-de-sac with the old historic cemetery next door, that made life quiet, and peaceful, and serene.

It was getting too much.
Well, too much expense.
And we are not getting any younger (we're actually getting older EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!).
And we were (are) wanting some simplicity.

So this is how I'm announcing it. 

Fourteen years ago we moved into this house.  It was in June, 2001.
It's the longest we've lived in a house.
And it's been a great house.

But we have no regrets.
We're ready to MOVE ON!!!!

For now we're moving into a 2 bedroom apartment, for a year at least.
It has no yard to keep.
And no pool to keep.
And we can call the manager when we need something fixed. !!!

Anyway, that's our in our life.
Just so you know.

(Oh, and we have plans for Shiloh.  I'll tell more about that later.)

Right now the move is energizing me.
When I get more knee-deep into packing and stuff I may not be so energized...
but I'll enjoy the energized-state while it lasts.
(Might as well.)

[Stay tuned for my frantic thoughts on this new stage of life... for which blogging is good .]


sara [at] journey of doing said...

Wow!!! Big change!! I love your house, but I understand the need to simplify! Can't wait to see where life takes you! I imagine there will still be family gatherings with your sweet family in their homes now!! 💛

Linh said...

Lots of good memories in that house!! Best of luck with the move

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