Thursday, April 30, 2015

Emptiness ...

Here's our den last night...


So now our stuff is either in our new apartment (13 minutes away from that house),
or it's in storage.

And we like our apartment.
We particularly like how we slept last night.
We heard not one sound...
and we're on the second of three floors.

Right now I'm babysitting sweet Nell,
but later I'll go and finish up whatever needs finishing up in our house...
which is huge.

If you've been there you know it's a huge house.
 If you count the studio over the garage, it's 4600 square feet.

Our apartment is 1100 square feet. 

So yes, there will be some adjustments to our lifestyle.
But for now I'm liking the emptiness of that photo at the beginning of this post.

It means we've moved... on ... and up,
while downsizing all the way.

Oh, I got a little sad yesterday morning,
after spending our last night in that huge house...

But now I'm not sad.
I'm glad.

Thanks for sharing this move with me.
Writing this stuff down (blogging)
is good for me.


(which of course you're always dying to know, right?)

I'll leave you with a picture we took last night...
You can tell Will took the selfie - if you look in the mirror behind us.

(Nell was smiling on the inside.)

(My next post will be more about that sweet Nell.)

(Stay tuned.)



laura said...

Wow! Wish we coulda been there to say goodbye! When we moved out of our home in December it was pretty sad and weird feeling--and we had only been there two years! I bet you also feel so free now--no lawn, no pool, no dog, no 2nd floor. Way to go!

Nancy said...

Yeah, Laura, it's been a weird feeling, especially waking up these last two mornings here. Ah, but I am feeling free ...
You need to come see the pool here, it is really nice... and we don't have to keep it up. Hurray!!!

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