Friday, April 24, 2015

Got junk?

Yes, we have junk!

And it is leaving the building!!!

Thanks to...

I'd seen them on "Hoarders" and then I saw one of their trucks on Glade Road recently...
So I got online and scheduled them to come... and this morning they came - first walking through to see our junk and to give an estimate on how much to haul it off. ... and well, now they're at it because we liked the estimate.
And I am feeling actually cleaner knowing that the junk is leaving.

You can click HERE for their website.  You will find that they give over 60% of junk to charity. (They'll clean it up... and make it redeemable.... well, unless it is pure junk.)

I've only taken one picture of them - and it is in our lovely attic... where Sam was showing them some of our junk...

I know that one person's trash is another person's treasure... but I have gotten decisive, aggressive, ruthless, relentless, crazy, etc., in getting rid of stuff.

If I didn't invite you over to see what you'd want, well, it's because I was going through the crazy phase of LEAVE-ME-ALONE-AND-LET-ME-CULL!!!
Yes.... and some moments I was crazier than other moments. 

I know I will have regrets.

I did years ago.
We were moving and I'd recently read in a 'Simplify-Your -Life' type-book that if you haven't opened a box in over 2 years to see what's in it - throw it away!  So we did.
Well, I evidently threw away my high school year books with that purge.

Ah, but at least now I won't throw away my year books.

This move is making me not want to buy another single thing.... well, except maybe a Schlotzsky's sandwich for lunch.

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sara [at] journey of doing said...

Purging is sooooo hard!! That's awesome that you have help though!! :)

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